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Planning for life

MRO Analytics enables smart businesses to rationalise and optimise their inventory functions, balancing today's costs against tomorrow's risks.

But circumstances change. New demands arise, the supply chain is affected by unexpected events, and equipment is taken out of service. Some events might automatically trigger an inventory review, but others could just leave obsolete stock on the shelves, tying up money and using resources with no benefit to the business. Even worse, an increase in demand or deterioration of vendor performance could leave the organisation exposed to unexpected risks and embarrassing extended downtime.

Look to tomorrow today

MRO Analytical tools have the ability to recommend not just today's stock holding, but how that stock should be reduced as equipment ages and is taken out of service. Instead of hitting end-of-life with a full storeroom, stocks can be gradually run down, deferring increasingly expensive purchases and reaching obsolescence with minimal stock.

Today's solutions meet tomorrow's data

Comprehensive sensitivity testing can only go so far. Maintenance requirements can change with little warning. Vendors may go out of business or have problems producing spare parts. Supplier performance and prices may change gradually over time without triggering a comprehensive review. MRO Analytics monitors changes in ERP data and identifies any recommendations that could change, alerting you when a review is needed.