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Timely decisions and interventions of corporate risk managers can save a business from disaster. They are the unsung heroes of modern operations: if they do their job well, no one notices their efforts. Their responsibilities often extend beyond the management of operational financial risk to cover safety and environmental issues that could close down your business or severely damage its reputation. But it is difficult to know how much time, effort and money should be expended on managing MRO-related risks if the risks themselves cannot be quantified.

MRO Analytics business intelligence allows risk managers to quantify the business risk related to MRO activities. It’s features are specifically designed to enable you to

  • Build and maintain an organisation-wide risk assessment
  • Understand where operations are threatened by inventory shortfalls
  • Initiate action to redeploy internal resources to minimise risk
  • Monitor MRO-related risk across your sites on a rolling basis
  • Provide managers with hard data for making rational choices when prioritising resources
  • Support legislative requirements by providing a rigorous framework for evidence-based decision making

MRO Analytics Business Intelligence provides managers with the power to build corporate business resilience and to demonstrate to employees, shareholders, other stakeholders and legislators that all risks are taken seriously.